YouTube testing Google Lens search for videos

Struggling to find the perfect video with a text search? YouTube might have the answer! They’re currently testing a new feature that utilizes Google Lens, allowing you to search for videos using your camera – that’s right, point, shoot, discover!

This innovative integration brings the power of Google Lens, known for its object and text recognition, directly into the YouTube app for Android users (for now). Imagine seeing a new gadget in a friend’s vlog, a fascinating building on a travel video, or a delicious dish in a cooking tutorial. Forget frantically searching for keywords – simply point your camera at the object on screen and YouTube will use its magic to suggest relevant videos.

This isn’t just about identifying objects. Let’s say you’re watching a DIY video and that specific tool the creator uses has you stumped. No problem! With Google Lens in YouTube, you can point your camera at the tool and get a flood of related videos explaining its function or showcasing similar projects that utilize it.

The possibilities are vast! Need to identify a breed of dog in a compilation video? Point your camera! Curious about a dance move in a music video? Aim your lens! Google Lens in YouTube streamlines video discovery, making it more intuitive and efficient than ever before.

It’s important to remember that this feature is still under wraps. YouTube is currently testing it with a limited group of Android users. But a successful rollout could pave the way for a wider release, potentially even reaching iOS devices in the future.

So, the next time you’re on YouTube and see something sparking your curiosity, keep an eye out for the Google Lens icon in the search bar. You might be among the lucky few experiencing the future of video search – a future where your camera becomes the key to unlocking a world of video knowledge!


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