Google Reveals That Linking To A Single Merchant Can Impact The Ranking Of Your Product Review

Google’s Developer Advocate Alan Kent has revealed linking to a single seller in your product reviews can prevent your article from ranking on Google.

This means that blogs that link to multiple vendors will get a slight boost in ranking on Google. However, the overall quality of content ultimately determines a website’s position on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP).

What Is The Best Way To Write Product Reviews On Google?

According to Google, these are the best practices you should follow to write killer your product reviews:

what makes a good product review
  1. Conduct original research before writing your review.
  2. Follow Google’s EEAT guidelines.
  3. Include similar products in your reviews and explain why you think it stands out against its competitors.
  4. Talk about the evolution of the product(from when it was first launched).
  5. Go beyond the product description.
  6. Paint a realistic picture in your audience’s eyes. Include the benefits and the shortcomings of the product.
  7. Give people the choice to buy from the seller they feel comfortable with. Include links to multiple vendors.
  8. Share your first-hand experience of using the product.
  9. Don’t forget to add a no-follow or sponsored attribute to your links if they are affiliate links and you plan to earn a commission from the sale.

In short, make your reviews as helpful to readers as possible.

What ultimately matters in Google’s eye is that you deliver quality content and helpful advice to readers. Never forget to address your audience’s pain points in your reviews. Be very clear about how the product will help them and why they need to invest in it.


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